ConceptPower DPA 500

ConceptPower DPA 500
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Today’s data centers require continuous uptime. That target is why ABB’s Conceptpower DPA 500 is based on Decentralized Parallel Architecture (DPA). Only a truly redundant architecture like DPA allows online modules to be swapped out while the system is running. Each high-reliability, standardized module is self-contained and can be swapped at any time, so no load has to be ever switched off – making routine maintenance safe and easy.

Conceptpower DPA 500 is designed to secure continuity of critical operations for data centers, colocations, server rooms and other IT applications. It also protects industrial automation processes, healthcare facilities and many other vertical markets where operations are of a critical nature

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Features and Benefits

Maximized availability
99.9999% availability
Decentralized parallel architecture
Replace or add modules with no downtime
Short mean-time-to repair
No single points of failure
Cost effective “right-sizing”
Scalable from 100kW up to 3MW
Optimized cabinets – available in 300kW and 500kW
Vertical and horizontal scalability
Pay as you grow
Low total cost of ownership
> 96% true online efficiency
Small footprint/high power density
Unity power factor (kW = kVA)
Low input harmonic distortion (THDi < 3.5%)
Efficient service concept
Simple power upgrade
Fast service – low MTTR
Reduced spare parts needed
Online-swap modularity (OSM)
Online serviceability