Series MDU-HP (High Power Design)

Model MDU-HP
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Model MDU-HP (High Power Design)

  • Nema 1 Enclosure w/removable panels)
  • Door-in-door construction ; door locks
  • Top or bottom entry
  • GE 250-600A Subfeed CBs w/opt electr trip
  • Subfeed Monitoring Available
  • Intelligent Monitor with true RMS metering
  • Modbus RTU Communications
  • Transient Network, Surge Suppression, Lightning Arrestor options

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Product Description

Electrical Specs
KVA: 400, 500, 625, 750, 1000
Input: 480VAC 3ph 3w + gnd
Output 208/120VAC 3ph 4w + gnd
Frequency 60Hz
Efficiency 98%
Transformer Specs
K13 Rated; DOE2016 Compliant
Class R Insulation, 150° C rise
Common & Traverse Noise Protection
200% Output Neutral
60Hz or 50Hz
Branch Circuit Monitoring
Solid Core CT’s on each pole
Data Acquisition Board
BCMS Basic – Branch Ckt Current Readings
BCMS + – Panelboard Current, Voltage, KVA, KW, PF, Freq, kVAR, & THDv Readings
Local readings on the Intelligent Monitor
Remote Readings via Modbus RTU or optional SNMP